Odessa stories

Are you adventurous enough to fall in love with a… city? Could you be as brave as to do it from the first sight? Do you think you are able to feel right in home in a strange, alien place where antique buildings side with highly modern facilities, every citizen has a curious sense of humor, and the sea is always near, creating an ultra special ambiance? If you’ve given an affirmative answer to some of these questions, we’re glad to welcome you in Odessa Ukraine, the wild southern city of freedom known only to true sailors at heart. And if you’re in doubt… well, you can still come – and love it here! 

Odessa is a city of many places of interest. The first thing you absolutely must do when you come here is take a walk down the Deribasovskaya street, the central avenue of Odessa that starts with a monument to Joseph de Ribas, the city’s respected founder. It was strange, of course, of his descendants to put this monument in the least frequented part of the street, but well – there’s none as queer as the local folk! By the way, here’s a tip: if you’re looking to rent an apartment in Odessa, this part of Deribasovskaya might be just the way to go. It’s quite, but it’s still in the heart of the city! 


There are other curious monuments in Odessa, such as the one depicting Pushkin, the infamous star of the Russian literature. And – what is it? Wow, it looks like the Pushkin is standing with his back towards the city hall! How imprudent! The legend says that this has been done deliberately, as the city hall refused once to fund the erection of this monument. Well – there they go now, staring at the poets back all the while.

 But let us catch a break from all the monuments and have a look at the deep Black sea. To reach the sea port you’ll have to come down all the 192 Potemkin Stairs. This is one of the main Odessa landmarks. If you feel like these steps are a little too much for you – especially on your way back – don’t worry, there’s always the handy cable-railway nearby. The port is home to many tails – in fact, most Odessa urban legends are connected with the sea and the sailors one way or another. Say, let’s take the ‘Lonely Girl’ Portal. It is said to have been erected in the honor of a very faithful lady who, many decades ago, was waiting for her man to come back from the sea, visiting the same place by the water yearly. A column was added to the portal for each year of waiting. Sounds beautiful and sort of sad and hopeful at the same time, doesn’t it? 

Odessa hides more fairytales, funny and touching, clever and sweet. The city is ready to whisper them all in your area personally… if you just book yourself some kind of accommodation in Odessa and stay here for a couple of weeks!