Odessa nights

Odessa offers numerous nightlife possibilities for those forever young at heart and eager to party all night long. The best clubs are situated in the same place where you’ll find the most attractive apartments in Odessa, namely – in the area of the Arcadia beach. For example, if you want to shake your body to the bouncy, teasing, frolicsome R’n'B music you should head right to the modern club called ‘STEREO’. This place is always on the front burner, being a cool establishment for equally cool people. For a change you may also visit ‘Itaka’,

Itaka – night club

another excellent seaside Odessa nightclub with great sound, design and lights. You’ll hardly regret welcoming the dawn into your life by the sea, listening to your favorite trendy tunes! Every night resident DJs perform here: DJ Fly, DJ Volkov, DJ Nice. Twice a weak the visitors enjoy a show made by pop singers, dancers and equilibrists from Ukraine and Russia.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated and happen to rent an apartment in Odessa‘s historical centre, you’ll be able to walk by foot to another excellent place, an extraordinary banquet and concert complex otherwise known as the Utochkin Music Hall. It is situated in the very heart of the Southern Palmira, right where the Deribasovskaya street meets the City Garden. This is one of the most famous and picturesque locations. The Utochkin Music Hall welcomes its guest with a soft, comforting ambiance, the delightful pleasure of live music, dainty food and polished service. Every evening here has its own distinctive sound. Be it jazz or blues, art song or vintage, it’s almost impossible to leave until the musicians are done. Also, every Friday and Saturday Utochkin announces a club evening with some kinky, rousing tunes! It really makes sense to rent Odessa apartment in the City Garden area.

Looking for something entirely different from everything you could have expected?

Utochkin – Music Hall

Then come to the ‘Wild Z’ blues bar, one of the oldest clubs in Odessa hidden in an old vault with incredible acoustics in the central part of the city. Every evening you can hear the sounds of live, and every Saturday is marked with a club concert. This is a place where blues and rock-n-roll rule, so you can rely on plenty of sofas and safe corners to get lonely and blue… and a dance floor to put it all in flames minutes later! The food here matches the music: real substantial stakes and diverse snacks, good old whiskey and casual beer. The place’s got a charisma, that’s as right as rain. Oh, and you can enter it for free from Sunday to Thursday!