Odessa hotels

Night club “Palladium”

In Odessa, Ukraine, hotels often become a kind of landmarks of the city. A great part of our hotels belong to the category of historical reconstruction. It means that, inside and outside, the buildings copy the style of the 19th century or even earlier periods. There are also a good number of hotels suitable for those who prefer modern design. These locations include the buildings that were built back in the 1970s and 1980s, the finishing is very up-to-date, but, unlike the previous type, such hotels usually can’t boast individuality as such. However, there are some exceptions, such as Arcadia Plaza with its auteur colonial style interior design, and also Palladium, whose suites feature concept design and are all titled after famous personalities of the ancient era: Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark and so on.

Hotels in Odessa come in a grand variety of types and ratings. When picking an Odessa hotels to stay, you’d better check everything carefully. Look for the clear figures standing for the dimensions of the shared spaces (the lobby, salons, conference halls, restaurants, bars and the like). View the photos that should be available on every hotel site, study the interior and other characteristics, such as the elevators system. Pay close attention to the equipment available in the suites. By that we mean the size of the rooms, the furnishings, the size of the beds, the lights, the presence of TV/radio – and many other things that you’ll certainly figure much better on your own since you’re the only one knowing what exactly you are going to need. We also recommend that you gather information regarding the maintenance schedule. 

There are certain signs indicating optimal alternatives. For example, the better an Odessa hotel is, the more toiletries you will find in the bathroom.

Arcadia Plaza Hotel

This is the factor that usually can be determined beforehand through the onsite photos. The top-class hotels tend to be adorned with a huge number of mirrors, including special ones to assist you with shaving and putting on make-up. The bathrooms there are brightly lit; there is a free blow-dryer, maybe an iron. Look specifically for the bathroom pictures before making your final choice!


We feel compelled to tell you that many experts have, sadly enough, noted that the level of services at most Odessa hotels tends to be somewhat second-rate. Also, living there will cost you quite a lot: $35-50 per person per night for lowest class, $50-110 for medium class, $120 and more for top class. Top class is, by the way, an arguable category, as several hotels that are in fact incredibly different all fall under it: the impeccable Mozart, the faulty Odessa, and the considerably fine Arcadia Plaza. If you don’t like experience the inevitable uncertainty of booking a hotel room in Odessa, we urge you to look into renting apartment in Odessa.