Odessa cuisine

It’s not a secret that Odessa offers its guests numerous tourist attractions, warm, gentle sea and the luxurious accommodation options (Odessa apartments for rent, Odessa hotels). But that is not all! Don’t forget about Odessa restaurants that you will not be able to forget!  A good example of that would be the restaurant ‘Ukrainskaya Lasunka’ (the name translates to English as ‘The Ukrainian Gourmand’).

Ukrainska Lasunka – Ukrainian food (restaurant)

This place is located on the Deribasovskaya street since 2000. The saloon’s design elegantly combines the age-long folk traditions and the modern chic. It uses anthropology objects hand-picked from the South-Ukrainian villages. The national style wall paintings give this place a peculiar hue. The menu is based on the national Ukrainian cuisine, and the cooks follow the ancient receipts when they are preparing those dishes. If by chance you are going to rent an apartment in Odessa in this district, be sure to come to ‘Lasunka’ for dinner!

Another great restaurant in the very same central street, where all the best Odessa apartments are located, is, undoubtedly, “Stakehouse” . This is a truly one-of-a-kind place in Odessa, a true creative lab of meat dishes with its own unique methods. Also, its wine cellar is one of the best in town. This is more than just a restaurant; this is an original, imaginative, one hundred percent alive environment that is definitely worth visiting – likely more than once.

But maybe you’re looking for anything more… resort-y? Maybe you want the waves and the seagulls to accompany your meal? Then you are in dire need of one of the numerous Odessa seaside restaurants. An excellent example would be ‘Golfstream’, located on the Otrada beach, within the grounds of the Black Sea Yacht Club. Pamper yourself with the  sophisticated fish dish, as well as wines and delicacies from all over the world. At night there will be an erotic costume show to spoil you rotten.

If you are staying in Odessa apartment and your knowledge of the city permit,

Bento – sushi bar

we also insist that you try the Odessa take on Japanese cuisine at ‘Bento’, a nice cozy restaurant in the Dnepropetrovskaya Road. The menu is absolutely great, the service is immaculate and the design is decidedly authentic.  Also – and that may be a wonderful bonus for some – the prices aren’t going to bite. They are more domestic than wild!